You must know what you should and how to advertise when dealing with Facebook marketing in India

If you have not heard of these before, then we honestly have no idea where you have been living, especially since this is now the most used social media platform in the entire world. In India in particular, most people have a Facebook account and apart from using it to connect with their friends and family, they also use it in order to shop online. Businesses have realized that Facebook is a great place for them to sell their product and they have started taking advantage of it over the last few years. It is very easy to start a Facebook business page, however Facebook marketing has a lot more to it than meets the eye. Since this can be pretty tricky part from to work on, in the article below we’re going to tell you about things that you should and shouldn’t do on Facebook, so make sure to keep reading.

You should make a editorial calendar

A lot of people think that posting on a Facebook business page is just like posting on a private profile, however we are here to tell you that that is definitely not the case. Even though you are on Facebook you still have to remember that you are a professional brand and you need to keep a certain standard in order to appeal to your customers. Being professional means that you need to have a good plan about when and how and what you’re going to post on your page and a great way for you to organize this is by making an editorial calendar. It’s not just about posting as much as you can but it is about posting quality content and having a calendar will help you plan out your posts and make sure that they are of good quality before they actually go on your page. This will also help you be more consistent with your posts, since you cannot allow yourself to post you regularly if you want to be successful on this platform. There is a lot of competition and you need to have a strategy to keep up.

You should pre schedule your posts

Being a business owner means that you probably have a ton of responsibilities that you need to take care of and that may also mean that you do not have a lot of time to focus on posting on your social media pages. However, when you were selling on one of them you need to have a strategy about how to do it best, and a great thing that you can do is pre-schedule your posts. Actually a very popular thing amongst social media influencers who work on multiple platforms at once, and it is a very good strategy for a business owner as well. Once you have the editorial calendar that we spoke about above you can easily pre-prepare posts and schedule them to be uploaded to your page on a certain date. Even though you are selling on Facebook it is still a good idea for you to be active on other social media platforms, and pre-scheduling like this will allow you to have your post up on multiple platforms at the same time. This will also save you time while making sure that your business looks as professional and organized as possible.

You shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting

Since marketing with Facebook is something that is pretty new in the world of online retail, one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is try to play it safe and not experiment and play around with what you can do with the platform. This is a lot different than selling on an e-commerce platform and that means that you need to use different tactics and strategies in order to get the best results possible. Because of that we highly encourage you to experiment with a few different things. First of all you need to experiment with a bunch of different posting times. This is the best way for you to figure out which time works best for your business and when your customers are mostly online. The right posting time will help you sell more, so experimenting with this is very important. You also need to experiment with giveaways and different kinds of contests. Most brands do giveaways and contests, however we realize that it may not be the right way to go for every brand out there, so before you decide whether to do it or not, we feel that you should experiment with the option.

Make a small giveaway and see how it goes because that is the only way that you will know if you should do it again or not. You should also experiment with different kinds of polls where you ask your customers what are they want to see from your brand and have them give you the answers in the comments. This is a great way for you to increase engagement, build a good relationship with your customers and grow your brand.A lot of more old fashion business owners will tell you that experimentation is not always the way to go, and while we agree with that to a certain extent, Facebook retail in India is a whole new playing field so it makes sense that you can use strategies that are a bit newer and different.

If you were wondering whether sell on Facebook from your website is something that you should do, then we have to say that we believe it is a very good idea. Facebook is no more than just a social media platform and it is a perfect place for business owners to present and grow their businesses without having to pay crazy amounts of money to do so. I know that you have read this article you know a little bit more about the things that you should and shouldn’t do when using the platform for retail, and hopefully that will be of some help to you. We hope you like reading this article as much as we enjoyed writing it and that you will use it to your advantage when selling in India.

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